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It is very difficult to deal with an addicted lover. Detaching yourself with love is more difficult. If you are fed of the wrong... Benefits of Detox

It is very difficult to deal with an addicted lover. Detaching yourself with love is more difficult. If you are fed of the wrong habits of your addicted lover and wish to step back and move on with your life, then we can help you. You need to understand some simple factors which can help you to move away by understanding your life’s perspective as well. So let us understand what is detachment with love?

  • Accept their Irrational Behavior – Addicted lovers tend to find ways to stick to their addictions. They can get to any extend in justifying their addiction needs. In other words they are far more irrational and stubborn at times. They have an impression that they are not addicts and are capable of quitting it any time. During serious discussions, they might give you completely illogical explanations which are absolutely meaningless. It is better to accept that this situation is uncontrollable.
  • No Responsibility – You need to acknowledge and understand that you are no way responsible for your lover’s addictions. Addicts can fine numerous reasons for their addiction. You need not feel guilty and responsible for their over dosage. They make their own choices and hardly care for other’s feelings. You should step back immediately and let them face their consequences.
  • Put yourself First- If a person is in love, it is normal to put the other person in the first place. This remains intact in case of an addicted lover. Surrendering to their demands and abuse shall take you nowhere. Accept the fact that if is fine to give yourself priority over your partner. This does not imply that you should ignore the other person completely. Instead prioritize yourself first and say a no to irrational tantrums and demands.
  • Stop giving without Reciprocation – Addicts can be called as the most selfish people. Selfish in context that they can d anything for their daily dosage. They are expert in manipulation and emotional blackmailing. They can even go to an extent of stealing money or tell lies to you. Make sure you restrict them after a point of time. Do not let them take an unfair advantage of the situation. Stop the never ending favors you do for them. You should give them a fixed sum of money in order to curb their addiction. You can also punish them and make them realize your importance by spending limited time with them.
  • Support Group – You can find many support groups to help the people whose lives are affected due to others addictions. You can join these groups and share your experiences. There are counselors available who can help you with their expert advice in such a situation. There are rehab camps conducted by such groups which can help he addicts get rid of their addictions provided they wanted to do so.

Loving and living with an addict can never be easy. It’s your love and affection which can help them get rid of their addiction and live a clean and sober life.

Robert Jackson